Crispy Lamb Breast with Black Garlic Sauce



 Servings  6


Recipe Source - Chef Mitch Maier

Prep Time - 20 Minutes

Cooking Time - 3 hours 20 Minutes

Total Time - 3 hours 40 Minutes





2 ribs of lamb breast

8 each bay leaf

1 tablespoon English mustard powder

1 tablespoon sea salt flakes

1 tablespoon light brown sugar

5 each garlic, cloves

2 teaspoons white peppercorns, crushed to make 2 tsp

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

4 tablespoons mayonnaise

3 tablespoons Chef Mitch Maier Black Garlic Sauce & Marinade

1 tablespoon turbanado cane sugar

dash Worcestershire sauce, a dash

2 tablespoons mint leaf, chopped, finely

2 tablespoons chives, chopped, finely





Cooking Instructions:


1, Mix together all of the marinade ingredients, adding enough oil to make a paste, and rub really well into the lamb. Chill for at least 4 hours or overnight.

2, Prepare a BBQ with a lid for indirect cooking by banking up the coals on one side so that there is a hot side and a cooler side.

3, Put the lamb breast skin-side down on the cooler side of grill and put the lid on. Set the air flow to 1 /4 open at the base and leave a small crack (1 in.) in the vent holes on the lid. This will ensure the coals burn slowly and evenly. Cook for 3 hours, turning every 45 minutes, until the meat has shrunk away from the bones, is tender and the skin is crisp. (Alternatively, heat the oven to 320 F. Put the lamb breast into a shallow baking tray and follow the same instructions as above.)

4, To make the Black Garlic sauce, combine the mayonnaise, Black Garlic Sauce & Marinade, sugar, worcestershire sauce and a little seasoning in a bowl. Stir in the herbs.

5, To serve, cut the breast into slices following the rib bones and serve with the sauce.


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