Black Garlic Roast Beef ​

Serves 6


Recipe Source - Chef Mitch Maier

Prep Time - 8 Minutes

Cooking Time - 10 hours

Total Time - 10 hours 8 minutes





1 Tbsp. Onion Onion Seasoning

8 oz. tomato sauce

½ tsp. smoked paprika

1 tsp. Garlic Garlic Seasoning

1/2 cup Chef Mitch Maier Black Garlic Sauce & Marinade

3-3½ lb. beef chuck roast

Salt and pepper to taste, optional



Cooking Instructions:


Combine first 5 ingredients in a gallon resealable freezer bag; add beef, freeze. Thaw completely; place in slow

cooker on low for 6-8 hours until beef is pull-apart tender or bake covered in a 325° oven for 3-4 hours, until beef

is tender. Makes about 6-8 servings.


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